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We turn your out of hours support requests into reports and recommended actions

Clearcall is an AI platform that puts your customer support on autopilot when your team is sleeping. We understand the problems of your customers, automate repetitive processes, and collect the information your support agents need to assist them.
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Clearcall works on top of your existing systems

Clearcall works over every channel

Replace your voicemail

Replace your voicemail with a robot that understands the problem of your customers and recommends actions to your support team. Get full transcription of all your calls, full-text search, and email/order ID collection over SMS.

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24/7 smart replies via email

Clearcall replies to your out of hours emails. We categorize the problem of each customer and collect the right information from them. When your support team comes back to work, they get a concise report and recommended actions for every one of them

Live chat integration

Current chatbots put the burden on the customer. They match questions with an article in your help center instead of guiding customer to a resolution. Instead, Clearcall assists them through the process and collects all the data your support agents need to resolve the ticket the day after.

We give concise reports and recommended actions

So you can save time and solve it right the first time
  • Collect any type of information. Including picture of the product.
  • Get the full trancription of every conversation
  • We ask different questions based on the problem of the customer
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Finally, not a Chatbot

Chatbots do not deliver

Your customers are fed up with being redirected to your help center. Instead, we categorize their problem and collect the data your team needs to help them when they come back to the office.

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21% → 100%

Call answer rate

With only 1 customer support center, Eonon's line had a 16-hour down time, leading to unhappy customers. With Clearcall, Eonon now ensures no customer is left unheard.

10 Hours

Saved per week

Instead of hours of voicemail recordings. Eonon now gets immediately actionable data such as customer emails and order numbers, saving them 10 hours a week.
Eonon CEO
If you're still using voicemail for out-of-hours calls, you need to try Clearcall now.

With Clearcall, our team is saving 7-10 hours of working time a week and it has solved the big issue of time differences, letting our customers from different time zones over the world receive immediate and satisfactory support

Jimmy Lau

Eonon, CEO

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